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Now made from custom water repelent leather!

Now in their6th year of production, hand made in the UK with you (and us) in mind, we weresick of inferior gloves that didnt stand the test of time so 4 years ago we setabout making our own. After months and months of market research the glove yousee before you is a result of the findings. Our lining wont come out of thesegloves when your hands get sweaty like a lot of competitor gloves. We have alsorolled round the leather fingers so there is no weak point. They come completewith a snow cuff so the snow cannot get in your gloves and a handy carry strapfor when you remove your gloves on a lift or when your hiking back country.

The Hypora membrane inthe gloves ensures your hands stay warm and dry, making them windproof andwaterproof.

Every person buyingthese gloves will get the opportunity to give us their thoughts and feedback onhow you find the gloves by scanning the QR code on the packaging. You will thenbe whisked to a secret area of our site where you can leave your thoughts onwhat you like/dont like, how we can improve them etc. This gives you the chanceto shape the future of the gloves you wear.

Product features
• Reinforced Finger Tips
• Gaitered Knuckles for added dexterity and flexibility  
• Reinforced palm for carrying your board
• Insulated Wind-Proof Leather   
• Breathable Waterproof PU Membrane   
• Integrated Snow Cuff   
• Wrist Cords
• Hand Crafted in the UK
• Customer feedback initiative
• Liners are sewn into the finger ends
• Made from water repellent leather

• Added SnowCuff 


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